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(1) Dreifachkatastrophe Fukushima in 2011, bes. AKW & Radioaktivität und
(2) Untergang der Fähre SEWOL am 16.04.2014 mit 304 meist Kindern an Bord

Remembering Sewol Disaster UK hat 대비김s Beitrag geteilt.
6. November um 14:35 ·
Raising awareness and seeking support internationally!

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컨퍼런스 3일째 장서연 변호사님의 UN 인권옹호자 특별보고관 Michel Forst와의 개인 면담을 통역했다. 장 변호사님이 박래군 선생님의 보석석방을 설명하면서 세월호에 관련해 좀 더 자세한 상황을 설명할 기회가 내게도 주어졌다. 보고관과 보좌관은 지지사진 요청에도 흔쾌히 응해 주셨다.

3rd and final day of the conference. While translating a meeting with UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Defenders and Human Rights Lawyer Chang Suh-Yeon from South Korea, who mentioned imprisonment of Park Raegoon for organising Sewol protests, I was given opportunity to explain further on how Sewol families who are actively seeking the truth are subject to various abuse and that of the government's reluctance to answer any queries or allow independent inquiry.

The rapporteur and his associate posed for photographs to show their support to the families.


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