Koreakrieg 1950-1953


Krieg auf der koreanischen Halbinsel
Juni 1950 - Juli 1953


The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Korea:
Uncovering the Hidden Korean War
By KIM Dong-Choon
The Asia-Pacific Journal, 01.03.2010
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Recent Developments in Korean-Japanese Historical Reconciliation.
By The Hankyoreh and William Underwood.
The Asia-Pacific Journal, 26.4.2010
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The Exquisite Corpses of Nature and History:  
The Case of the Korean DMZ (Demilitarized Zone)
by Julia Adeney Thomas
The Asia-Pacific Journal, 26.10.2009
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The Unknown Korean War: The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Korea and Excavation of the Remains of Mass-murdered Victims
By Kobayashi Akira
The Asia-Pacific Journal, 3.5.2010
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