Protest re Science Council of Japan

1. October 2020
HRN has released a statement expressing our deep concern over Prime Minister Suga’s refusal to appoint six recommended candidates as members of the Science Council of Japan (SCJ).
The statement describes how the appointment refusals contradict the government’s own interpretation of the Act on the Science Council of Japan’s (SCJ), which holds that the Prime Minister’s appointment of recommended candidates is only a formality. It also points out that the refusals, apparently made for the candidates’ political activities, undermine academic freedom as guaranteed under Article 13 of the ICESCR and Article 23 of the Constitution of Japan, as well as other human rights guarantees beyond academic freedom such as freedom of speech. They also impair the SCJ’s necessary independence and, in turn, its role in making recommendations to the government. The statement calls for the government of Japan to promptly appoint the six candidates as recommended by the SCJ and to respect academic freedom.

NCCJ Statement   Oct. 7, 2020
"We protest interference in the matter of personnel appointments to the Science Council of Japan, and call for withdrawal of the decision to refuse six scholars"
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Religious Net Statement  Oct. 13, 2020
"We protest the refusal of appointment , and demand immediate withdrawal"
  Japanese  German  English

Human Rights Net   Oct. 06, 2020
"The Refusal to Appoint Members of the Science Council of Japan is an Unacceptable Violation of International Human Rights Law"
  Japanese  English   Oct. 3, 2020
Suga takes flak for keeping government crtics off science panel

The Asahi Shimbun   Oct. 7, 2020
Protests spread over Suga's "tyrannical" council rejections

University World News   Oct. 8, 2020
PM blocks nominations of six academics to Science Council

Japan Times   Oct. 6, 2020
Suga says politics wasn't behind blocking nominees, but won't say why

Japan Times   Oct. 6, 2020
Suga's rejection of nominees to top advisory body prompts calls for reform

Japan Times   Oct. 9, 2020
Ex-heads of science council slam Suga for vetoing six scholars

Japan Times   Oct. 11, 2020
Suga's rejection of nominees to top advisory body prompts calls for reform

Japan Times   Oct. 13, 2020
Suga's popularity dented by row over mixing politics with science

Japan Times    Oct. 15, 2020
Nobel laureate slams Suga for blocking scholars from science panel

Japan Times   Oct. 19, 2020
Rejection of science panel nominees at odds with reviews of council role

Sumikai   Oktober 15, 2020
140.000 Menschen unterzeichnen Petition gegen Sugas Entscheidung, Wissenschaftler abzulehnen


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