2013: Lieber ins Gefängnis: 22.08.

Gerichtsprozesse in Chejudo, Südkorea


An activist, Park Yong-Sung, chooses a prison labor instead paying fines.

> Park was released on September 10  > siehe weiter unten  


Park Yong Sung, a member of the Life and Peace Fellowship, and friend of Kim Young-Jae who hit his 133rd day in prison, chose prison labor instead paying the fines of 2 million won. 50,000 won (about 50 USD) is applied to a day’s prison labor.

He has entered the Gureombi Rock last February 2012 and got the court decision of 2 million won fines for the charges that he stayed there for four days and built a vinyl structure to avoid rain, along with Dr. Song Kang-Ho, Fr. Kim Sung-Hwan and Dora. It should be noticed that the Gureombi Rock is a public site, officially owned by the Island not the navy. The charges applied to him are trespass and illegal occupation and building of structures for the purpose of obstruction of business.

In his May 17, 2012 court statement, Park Yong-Sung said, “I will live writing of police, prosecutor and court’s law-transcendence brutalities against citizens, while cultivating farming fields in the land of peace, Gangjeong and increasing the pilgrim houses, there.

Photos and writing by Park Yong Sung/ Post by Go Gwon-Il

Since the latter part of last year, a new kind of oppression has emerged- punishing villagers and activists with heavy fine. The citizens nationwide have been collecting funds to pay the fines. Still many activists here want to choose prison labor. After Park Sung Su and Kim Jong-Il, Park Yong Sung will be the third who chooses it. We expect many more activists going for prison labor in coming days as the final court decisions come.

Some of activists have gotten high fines of 8~9 million won (about $8,000 to 9,000 USD). You may help us to raise funds by being a member and sending donation to the Gangjeong Friends.


2013, September 10

Park Young-Sung, a member of Life and Peace Fellowship group, who has chosen prison labor instead paying whole fines on Aug. 21, was released from the Jeju prison on Sept. 10, after 20 days in prison.

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Upon the heavy fines on protests against the naval base project- a new kind of judicial oppression- the Gangjeong village Association, Jeju Pan-Island Committee for the Stop of Military Base and for the Realization of Peace Island, and National Network of Korean Civil Society for Opposing to the Naval Base in Jeju Island have jointly measured on it by forming a task force team for fines which is instrumental to fund fines nationwide. But the fund has been very short for the whole amount that is needed. Park wanted that fund to be used more in useful ways and volunteered prison on Aug. 21

However, as a result of the discussion by the Gangjeong Village Association, bail on his release was decided as he was very much needed, like any other activists, in the struggle. The village association payed 1 million won fine for him on Sept. 10.



Photo by Park Sung Yool in 2012