2013: Bericht aus dem Gericht - 22.08.

Gerichtsprozesse in Chejudo, Südkorea


The Jeju Sori on Aug 22 reports: 

The appeal trial court held in two years was changed into the field of Gangjeong. About 30 accused and audience burst out their fury against the court decisions so there was a uproar in the court for a while.
The 1st criminal case department of the Jeju local court (Judge: Choi Nam-Sik) made decisions of probation  and fine punishment in a pile.
The Jeju local court dismissed the original court decisions to include the part of joint crime on the obstruction of business that was lost in the 1st court. However, it maintained the sentence term on probation and reduced fines in part  
In case of
Dr. Song Kang-Ho,
Br. Park Do-Hyun,
Go Gwon-Il (Chairman of the Villagers’ Committee to Stop the Naval Base),
Kim Jong-Hwan (a villager, community kitchen cook),
Kim Dong-Won, the sentences were not changed but same.
But the fines of Mayor
Kang Dong-Kyun was reduced from 10 million won (about 10,000 USD) to 5 million won (about 5,000 USD).
For the other 14 people, fines from 1.5 million (about 1,500 USD) to 3 million won (about 3,000 USD) were sentenced.
Mayor Kang etc has been unjustly arrested, charged for obstruction of business, on Aug. 24, 2011 when he raised questions on a navy side’s preparatory work of connecting caterpillar to a large crane. He was imprisoned for three months then and released with the sentence of 10 million fine in the original court.
About 10 people including Fr. Mun has been indicted to the court for the same charges of obstruction of business when they tried to stop the police wagon carrying the arrested mayor Kang at the time and for the charge of trespass to the naval base construction (destruction) site through sea.
In the court, the accused people said that, “the Jeju naval base construction is in violation of environmental impact assessment therefore we obstructed an illegal construction(destruction). Reconsider the court decision on that part.” However, people’s such claim was not accepted.
The Court reasoned that “there has already been a Supreme Court decision on the approval of the navy’s lay-out change. Therefore the naval base construction cannot be considered illegal. It is being processed as a nationally necessary project.”
Following that, it stated that “the accused entered action to obstruct the construction(destruction) and such can be seen as a power performance. Even though the accused claims that one’s action was individual, it should be considered that collusion in substance was realized even though there is no stipulated agreement.
Regarding the trespass into the naval base construction site, “it is a trespass if the occupier does not want the entry-exit by outsiders, according to the law on the punishment of light crime. There is no mandatory that there should be a disposal by the mayor of the Seogwipo, as claimed by the accused.”
Dr. Song Kang-Ho who joined the trial as a prisoner shouted “Justice prevails,” against the mike of the prosecutors,  with the end of sentence. Cheers of encouragement from the audience was brought on.  
When a court officer demanded their exit of the court room, mayor Kang Dong-Kyun burst out with complaints, saying, “the court decision is never persuasive. Should the villagers connive to a wrong national project?”  
The court demanded them again of their exit, saying, “you should confirm‍ detailed contents through the court decision statement. You cannot make discussion in the court.” The activists also raised complaint against the court decision then there was an agitation.

After the court decision, Go Gwon-Il, chairman of the Villagers’ Committee to Stop the Naval Base expressed that the people would like to get the Supreme Court decision on the matter of carrying the EIA agreement. The people will be likely to file their cases to the Supreme Court through internal discussion.

(* The so called Republic of Korea is a Samsung republic. You can say the judicial power of South Korea is occupied by Samsung, too)