2013: Zum Jahreswechsel - Korean Council,

"Trostfrauen" - Korean Council

Rev. YOON vom Korean Council, Seoul, schreibt:

"This year is really getting towards the end. It is the same every year, but I cannot understand why I feel nervous this time around. I feel something is lacking though I have worked hard, and there are much more works that are not done yet. Would I be able to change this in the coming year?
I thank everyone who supported Korean Council through actions, and donations in 2012 despite the shortcomings. Especially, I thank those who came to the Fundraising Night and 20th Anniversary of the Korean Council, and those who supported us with advertisement and donations.
I combined two weeks’ news in this news letter.
I hope you all stay in peace, Mee-hyang Yoon, Representative"

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