Pressemitteilung 05. Dez. 2017

Free Prisoners of Conscience Korea - Pressemitteilung vom 05. Dez. 2017:

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"Leaders from all walks of life urged the release of prisoners of conscience detained for political activities, labor movements, and ideologies, including Han Sang-gyun(chairman of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions) and Lee Seok-ki(Former Lawmaker of the Unified Progressive Party). And it was said that "The act of violating the positive law is against cleaning up the corruption of last regime. Therefore all the victims are wounds we should embrace." and “Concerns over the abuse of amnesty are reasonable. But this is not about prisoners of conscience but about power-released and greedy criminals. [...]" (Dec. 05th, 2017, Free Prisioners of Conscience, Korea):

FPOC Press Release: SEOUL, December 5,2017 

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