2014 Now in Korea: Constitutional Court

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Am Freitagnachmittag, 19.12.2014, hat das Nationale Verfassungsgericht in Südkorea entschieden, dass die UPP zu verbieten sei. Damit haben auch die fünf Parlamentarier ihren Sitz im Parlament verloren. Die Zeitung HANKYOREH schreibt dazu: 

Constitutional Court rules to disband left-wing Unified Progressive Party

December 19, 2014

Constitutional Court President Park Han-chul reads the ruling to disband the Unified Progressive Party, Dec. 19. (pool photo)

The decision is the first such move in South Korea’s constitutional era, since 1948 On the morning of Dec. 19, the Constitutional Court ordered the disbandment of the left-wing Unified Progressive Party (UPP), the first such decision made in South Korea’s constitutional era, since 1948. The Court ruled to disband the UPP by an 8-1 majority and ban the possibility of the party reforming under a different guise. With the ruling, the five sitting UPP lawmakers will lose their seats, and the party‘s property will be seized by the government.

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