NEAPI: Analyse der politischen Situation 2007-2009

Newsletter aus dem

North-East Asia Peace Institute NEAPI

Mit freundlicher Erlaubnis des Institutes (Dr. PARK Kyeung-Seo)
Nur zwischen 2000 (Nr.76) und 2009 (Nr.91).


News Letter No. 91 North-South Korean talks are South Korea's strategic asset: Why the Lee Myung-bak administration should restart talks

News Letter No. 90 Moral Realism Boomerang: Eight Months into Lee Afdministration's North Korean Policy

News Letter No. 89 The U.S. Army Base in Japan and Japan's Antinuclear Movement

News Letter No. 88 North Korea's Nuclear Abandonment and Strategic Necessity of Dialogue between North and South Korea

News Letter No. 87 The North Korean Food Crisis and the Lee Myung-Bak Administration

News Letter No. 86 The LEE Government's North Korean Policy: Lack of insight to Peace Process and Danger of Unilateralism

News Letter No. 85 Peace in the Korean Peninsula following the Korean Presidential Elections: reflected through Korea-US relations

News Letter No. 84 Two discussions on the Result of the Second North and South Summit

News Letter No. 83 Political Controversy Over the North-South Summit Talk in Korea

News Letter No. 82 Could Armament Race in Northeast Asia and Peace on Korean Peninsula Coexist Together?

News Letter No. 81

News Letter No. 80 Japan embarks on the Constitution Revision: Why is it a world concern?

News Letter No. 79 Will South-North Relations Move Forward Free from North Korea's Nuclear Problems?

News Letter No. 78 Confidence Building amid Mutual Mistrust: Evaluation on the 6th Six Party Talk

News Letter No. 77 Premier Abe's Dilemma: The Latest Progress in the Six-Party Talk and Abductee Issues

News Letter No. 76 China's Anti-satellite Test and the Possible Military Competition in the Outer Space