2019: Thinking about Hongkong at Tiananmen


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Bericht von Philip Cunningham
Blogger mit dem Beruf Teacher, writer and TV producer. "I have worked in the media in China, Japan and Thailand since the 1980's in newspapers, radio, television and film."


"... Emerging from the subway exit at Tiananmen East, I find the square tight under wrap. It was hard to know on any given day what degree of access would be permitted and denied, and the likelihood of being turned away was high in a season fraught with sensitive anniversaries. A maddening political juncture, late July  was equidistant between the security paranoia about a just-passed commemoration that could not be named and the brusque commandeering of space in central Beijing to prepare for the celebration of an anniversary that the state media couldn't stop talking about, namely National Day. ..."