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Summary of the No Gun Ri Incident

The No Gun Ri Incident refers to a civilian massacre committed by the US soldiers 70 years ago who participated in the Korean War as part of the UN forces in the vicinity of Nogun-ri (Hwanggan-myeon, Yongdong-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do) located in the center of South Korea for 5 days from July 25 to July 29, 1950.

During the massacre, the US Air Force planes bombed a refugee column of 500 to 600 and around 100 were killed due to the air bombings. Then, the rest of the refugees who survived the bombings were forced to stay inside the No Gun Ri Ssangul (Twin Tunnels Bridge) for 3 nights and 4 days by soldiers of the US 1st Division, 7th Cavalry Regiment. For about 70 hours, they were confined inside the tunnels and shot to death. Overall, almost 400 innocent and unarmed civilians were sacrificed during the massacre.

Back in 1960s, Eunyong Chung who lost a son and daughter due to the massacre, filed petitions letters to the U.S. Compensation Office in Seoul, asking for compensation and an official apology, which triggered the surviving victims and bereaved families to do their truth-finding activities. The late Chung also published a non-fiction novel, ‘Do you know our pain?’ to let the world know their pain and tragic memories of the past under the military regime in Korea. Finally, these efforts led to the first and sensational report of the AP on the No Gun Ri Incident which made both the US and Korean governments to conduct an official investigation into the massacre. As a result, the former US President Bill Clinton issued a statement of regret for the No Gun Ri victims and Korean people, which is a very exceptional event when it comes to Korea-US relations.

In 2004, the National Assembly of Korea unanimously passed the Special Act on the No Gun Ri Incident and Restoration of Honor for the No Gun Ri Victims. Based on the No Gun Ri Special Act, the Korean government conducted two rounds of reviewing process for the victims reported in 2005 and 2008. As a result, it confirmed that 150 were killed, 13 missing and 63 disabled. Thus, the government officially recognized 226 as victims of the No Gun Ri Incident and 2,240 as bereaved families of the victims. What is notable is the very fact that more than 72% of the victims officially confirmed by the Korean government were women, children and the elderly, which proves that the No Gun Ri Incident is a serious human rights violation case. Furthermore, based on this Special Act, the No Gun Ri Peace Park was established at the very site of the massacre and it has been reborn as a place for overcoming painful scars of the past and teaching the importance of human rights and peace.

2020 Global Peace Forum in No Gun RI

- Purpose : To commemorate the 70th anniversary of the No Gun Ri incident, ‘2020 Global Peace Forum’ will be held at the very site of the No Gun Ri Incident where we want to invite peace museum directors and staff of the world, peace scholars and professors, peace activists, politicians and leaders of the world and anyone who love peace, especially to remember the tragic memories of the past and draw a beautiful future we can make by closely working together for world peace.

- Theme : 70th Anniversary of No Gun Ri Incident, A Big Step Toward Peace and Reconciliation!

- Date : June 9, 2020 (Tue) ~ June 12, 2020 (Fri)

* 70th Anniversary Memorial Ceremony : June 8th
* Opening Ceremony of Forum : June 9 th

- Venue : No Gun Ri Peace Park, Yeongdong Multicultural Arts Center

- Website : www.globalpeaceforum.kr

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