Fr. Antonios Lim Jong Hun, Korean Orthodox Church

KNCC / WCC : "Light of Peace"  1. März - 15. August 2020

Prayer for peace

Fr. Antonios Lim Jong Hun, Korean Orthodox Church

Teach us, O Lord, how to pray so we may achieve peace.
God of glory, Lord of Resurrection, King of Peace,
Thank you for blessing us for living in peace in the land of our ancestors today.
Thank you for loving us so that we can live in a agape love with our wounded brothers.Thank you for giving us the courage to show gentleness to our neighbors who hate God.


O God, for many years we have been trying to heal the wounds of war on this land.
In this land where siblings killed each other and died,
we are also trying to kiss each other in forgiveness and reconciliation.
We seek the courage to face the evil selfishness of the criminals who instigated us to kill our own families.
We hope to find the wisdom that will never bring pain to our loved ones again.
We are trying to lift the cross of sacrifice so that peace from heaven can be achieved through peace in this land.
We want to have the humility of Jesus, who could kneel before a hateful sibling and wash his feet.

God, O Lord, Savior and Father, have mercy on us.
We have not yet lived up to the will of God.
Though we are created in the image of God, we do not realize the providence of creation.
We are wandering along the road of being transformed into God's image.

Teach us how to pray, O God, so that we may turn the tragedy that happened 70 years ago into hope.
Before achieving peace and reunification in this land,
please teach us a prayer that will give honor and gratitude to you, our Creator.
Teach us prayers for consoling the dead so that we can forgive the murderers ....

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