2018 Film: Korean Schools in Japan

Erziehung und Schule - Universität

100 years of discrimination - Memory of the battle of Korean schools

First feature film documentary describing the history and current status of Korean schools in Japan

Korean Schools in Japan

"There is not one person in this world who should face discrimination." (A Korean school student said)

In 1910, Japan annexed Korea by using military force and turned the Korean peninsula into a colony.
In 1948, GHQ and the Japanese government issued an order to close Korean schools forcibly.
Today, the Japanese government is legally and systematically oppressing ethnic education, and many courts are following.
The history of discrimination against Koreans has been ongoing for 100 years.
Koreans in Japan have conducted rare ethnic education projects in the world from kindergarten to university in order to foster children’s dreams.
However, Korean schools are met with adversity.
In 2010, the Japanese government excluded Korean schools from the tuition-free high school system. Local governments followed and cut off subsidies one after another.
Korean schools decided to take this to court.
The battle is linked to the educational rights of all foreign children.
And it will open the age of multi-ethnic multicultural coexistence.
This is the first feature film documentary which unearths unknown historical material, testimony and highlights the truth of Korean school discrimination and struggle.

April 24th (Saisa), Hanshin Education Conflict

Koreans in Japan established Korean language training institutes around the country shortly after the war to provide ethnic education to children. It eventually developed into Korean schools.
However, the GHQ and the Japanese government issued a Korean Schools Closure Ordinance in 1948-1949 and mobilized a large number of police to force closure.
Two Koreans who participated in the opposition movement were killed.

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