2018: Education and Patriotism

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The Asia-Pacific Journal | Japan Focus Volume 16 | Issue 18 | Number 1 | Sep 15, 2018
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“Education and Patriotism” (Kyōiku to Aikoku). A Documentary

Translated by Collin Rusneac with an Introduction by Sven Saaler

Mainichi Broadcasting System, “Education and Patriotism”

Collin Rusneac provides a full translation of the TV documentary “Education and Patriotism” (Kyōiku to aikoku) produced by Mainichi Broadcasting System for its series “MBS Eizō ‘17” and first aired in July 2017. It provides a critical look at recent debates surrounding the introduction of moral education in Japanese elementary and middle schools as a new subject and in particular focuses on the compilation, examination, approval and selection of textbooks for classes in moral education, while extending the analysis to the ongoing history textbook controversies.

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