2014: InterConf Article 9 - Dokumentation

The Fourth Global Inter-Religious Conference on Article 9
1. - 5. Dezember 2014

The Fourth Global Inter-religious Conference on Article 9

Article 9 and Global Peace  -  Transcending Nationalism

Aus dem Grusswort des NCCJ:

"●"Put away your sword. Those who use the sword will die by the sword.” (Matthew 26:52) God’s Word here is the administrative policy of Christ as sovereign over history. Article 9 is a pledge to “put away your sword” that clearly follows this policy. Continuing to uphold this pledge is the most realistic way to free the world from “dying by the sword.”
●Never again shall we walk the path of fatal misunderstanding (sin). Contrary to the policy of Christ of history, Japan followed world powers obsessed with the fatal misunderstanding (sin) that “in order to prosper the nation, ‘we must become one of those who use the sword.’” The Empire of Japan, with its national policy of “prosperous country, strong military,” was indeed destroyed “by the sword.”
●“Minimum required” and “limited” use of force will not be accepted  Once a sword is “removed from its sheath” and the opponent is confronted, an adversarial relationship is created that only intensifies. This can be seen throughout world history.
●Article 9, the pledge to put away the sword, must be made known worldwide. We must stop this “reckless race toward destruction” that encourages crises in international relations, stirs up nationalism and seeks to destroy the constitution. Let us make known throughout the world this “pledge to put away the sword” as a basis for human survival."

Die Dokumentation ist in englischer und japanischer Sprache, wichtige Dokumente auch in Koreanisch.
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Titel - content (English)

Greetings from the National Christian Council in Japan (English) (日本語) (Korean)

A Message from Shinshuren Constitutional Research Society (English) (日本語)

Program Timetable (English) (日本語) (Korean)

List of Participating Religious Communities and Organization | List of Participants (English)

Concept Paper (English/日本語)

3rd Statement (English) (日本語)

2nd Statement (English) (日本語) (Korean)

1st Statement (English) (日本語)

Our Mission (English)

Keynote Address (English) (日本語) (Korean)
A Rightward Leaning Perception of Japanese History and the Constitution of Japan
Prof. Tetsuya Takahashi (Tokyo University)

Presentation 1 (English) (日本語) (Korean)
Statement on Reinterpretation of Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution
Rev. Olav Tveit, the General Secretary of WCC

Story Sharing 1
① Okinawa Now – Considering Peace (English) (日本語) (Korea)
Mr. Masayuki Chinen (Okinawa Christian University)

② Contribution to the Tokyo Conference (English) (日本語)
Rev. Friedlelm Schneider (EMS, Germany)

Presentation 2 (English) (日本語) (Korean)
Article 9 and Global Peace - Transcending Nationalism
Rev. Tainen Miyagi (Buddhist, Japan)

Story Sharing 2
① Prof. YI Kiho (Hanshin University, Korea) > Siehe Appendix

② Peace and Religion (English) (日本語)
Rev. U DAMMA THARA (Buddhist, Myanmar)

Presentation 3
From Seeking Peace To Creating Conflict (English) (日本語
Dr. Chandra Muzaffar (Muslim, Malaysia)



Titel - Inhalt (English)

Final Statement (English)


Article Nine of the Japanese Constitution
– A Pillar for Peace in Northeast Asia and Beyond (English)
  Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit (WCC General Secretary)

オラフ・トヴェイト(WCC 総幹事)

- Article 9 as a New Discipline toward Civic State for Peace Asia (English)
  Prof. YI Kiho (Hanshin University)

アジア平和に向かう平和憲法9 条と市民国家の模索(日本語