2021 YouTube and Japan's New Political Underground

Quelle:  The Asia-Pacific Journal | Japan Focus Volume 19 | Issue 2 | Number 1 | Article ID 5529 | Jan 15, 2021
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YouTube and Japan’s New Political Underground:
The Rise and Decline of The Party to Protect the People From NHK

Max Guerrera-Sapone

Rising from obscurity to attain a seat in the upper house of the Diet in summer 2019, the Party to Protect the People from NHK and its leader, Tachibana Takashi, have utilized a purely internet-based strategy to establish a community-cum-forum for voices locked out of the mainstream media. This article attempts to establish a foundation for understanding the new Japanese internet politics heralded by the emergence of this party through a chronicling of the party’s rise and decline, and an ethnographic analysis of the viewer experience of the October 2019 livestream of its Ikebukuro speeches. ....

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