Korean Christian Democratic Movement

Korea Christian Democratic Movement Foundation wurde 2016 in Seoul gegründet.

Ein Bericht des NCCK:

NCCK launches Korean Christian Democratic Movement Foundation

The Korean Christian Democratic Movement Foundation (tentative name) is launched to record and celebrate the history of the Korean Christian democratization movement.

The Christian Christian Democratic Movement Foundation Preparation Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Preparatory Committee):
the National Christian Church Council (NCCK), which is a progressive Protestant denomination council, will hold the founding general meeting of the Korean Christian Democratic Movement Foundation at 3:00 PM on the 2nd floor of the Korean Christian Church Hall next month. It was announced on the 30th.

An official of the preparatory committee said,
"There has been little consensus that Korean Christianity has contributed to the democratization movement, but there has been a consensus that historical arrangements are inadequate. ...  There was a lot of public opinion.”

NCCK has been preparing for the foundation by organizing a preparatory committee in April of this year and holding relevant debates. The Christian Democratic Movement Foundation of Korea stated in its founding statement, "The Korean Christian democratization movement record is necessary to explain the social contribution and legitimacy of Christianity and to recognize the social responsibility of Christianity."
▲ Records of the Christian Democratic Movement
▲ Memorial and memorial
▲ Christian social responsibility study
▲ Education and expansion were presented as future tasks.

Rev. Jaewoong Ahn

was elected as the chairperson at the regular general meeting of the Foundation of Christian Democratic Movement of Korea held at the Joe Hall of the Korean Christian Church in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the 26th.  (2020-06-26)

Reverend Ahn participated in the democratization movement, including four civil wars in 1974 and the YWCA camouflage marriage in 79. Beginning as the secretary of the Korean Christian Students Association, he led the Korean Christian Society for Social Affairs, the World Student Christian Federation's Asia-Pacific region secretary, and the Asian Christian Council (CCA) secretary.

"It has been a great reward to devote ourselves to democratization so far, but we will help strengthen the democracy of our country in the future to see greater fruitfulness."

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