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Peace Train
(15. August) Today is Liberation Day in Korea, a complicated bitter-sweet holiday in this country. It is 70 years since the war ended which brought an end to colonial status. However, it is a reminder that the nation is divided, and many seek for reconciliation and a way to reunification. The PCK has prepared 70 prayers, one for each year, to focus prayer on the sorrow of division. I will try to post each day's prayer and ask you to join in extended prayer:

May the Korean nation overcome its 70 years of division and work for peaceful reunification:
God, you love this nation and its people. Thank you for giving us free¬dom from the Japanese Empire. Thank you for sustaining our people through the ordeals and hardships of history, and allowing economic development and democratization. 
Almighty God, this nation and its people face the 70th year of di¬vision, yet are still unable to achieve national unity. Guide us, the Korean people, that we may arrive at unity autonomously, without interference from external forces. Hear the prayers of your servants, and may this nation and its people become one. 
Loving God, it has been 70 years since the division of the Korean peninsula. We repent of our sins. We pray that you will forgive us, heal our wounds, and revive our nation. May the South and the North now trust each other and lay down our weapons of war. Give us wis¬dom to arrive at unity through peaceful methods and strategies. Holy Spirit, guide us to unite peacefully without relying on nuclear weap¬ons.
We pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.