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Peace Train

Day 2 - Prayer for Reunification
May the South Korean church never cease praying for peaceful reuni¬fication. 
God, you answer the prayers of those who weep. Take away the barrier that cuts this nation in half. Listen to the sighs of the nation, and lead us in the path of unity. May the Korean peninsula be united in peace, without war or hatred. Listen as we pray in tears. 
Loving God, we confess that in our hearts we have demonized and despised our Northern brothers and sisters. As we repent, may we now sincerely devote our lives to peaceful reunification. Help us to be the first to extend hands of reconciliation for unity in peace. 
God of peace, may we give ourselves wholeheartedly to envisioning the day of reunification. May the North and the South achieve reuni¬fication in the Christian faith. May the South Korean church ap¬proach the North Korean church with open hearts.
We pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.