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DAY 70 Prayer for Peaceful Reunification

Day 70! How can it be! I want to thank so many people who shared this prayer campaign for Korea.

And perhaps our prayers made the positive atmosphere which enabled the family reunions take place (so wonderful). 96 families (530 people) were reunited at Geumgang mountain resort for a very short 2 days, and today another 90 families will be starting a second round of reunions.

As well, people of the NCCK and Ecumenical Forum, a inter-Korean group of Buddhists, and an inter-Korean soccer match have all received visas from North/South Korea and permission from South/North Korea for visits to take place.

Hopefully such things will continue. 

I dearly want to visit Hamheung in the North, the centre of the early Christian mission in Korea.
Thank you, PCK, for this prayer series to honour the 70th year of division of the Korean Peninsula! Let them again be one! 


다음세대들이 통일 한국의 미래와 동북아시아의 평화에 대해서 원대한 희망을 품게 하옵소서.

세상의 참된 빛이신 거룩하신 하나님! 이 시간에는 특별히 다음세대를 위하여 기도합니다. 이 땅의 다음세대가 통일한국의 주역이 되게 하옵소서. 젊은이들에게 민족 분열의 상처를 외면하지 않고 진실을 대면할 지혜를 주옵소서. 치열한 경쟁사회 속에서 통일로 인한 또 다른 경쟁을 두려워하는 이들에게는 담대함을 허락하시옵소서. 일신의 평안을 위해 통일을 외면하는 이들에게는 참된 평안을 향해 나아갈 용기를 주시옵소서. 다음세대로 하여금 북한 땅을 위해서도 기도하는 세대, 화합하기 위하여 노력하는 세대가 되게 인도하옵소서. 다음세대가 평화로운 통일 한국의 비전을 품고, 동북아시아와 세계의 평화에 기여하는 원대한 희망을 가슴에 새기게 하옵소서. 분단의식을 버리고 세계인으로서의 넓은 마음과 큰 포부를 지니고 살게 하옵소서. 남한에 거주하는 새터민 청년‧대학생들도 평화로운 조국 통일을 위해 헌신하는 미래 지도자가 되게 하여 주시옵소서. 예수 그리스도의 이름으로 기도합니다. 아멘. 


May the next generation have hope and commitment for a unified Korea and peace in East Asia.

Holy God, you are the true light of the world. At this time we especially pray for the next generation. May the next generation of this land be the leaders of unified Korea. Give wisdom to young people, that they do not ignore the scars of division but confront the truth. As they live in a society of intense competition, some fear this may intensify if Korea is united. Give them courage. To those who have neglected the cause of unification for their own comfort’s sake, grant the courage to take steps toward true peace. Spur on the next generation to pray for North Korea and to work for unity. May the next generation envision a peaceful and united Korea, and nurture in their hearts the longing to contribute to peace in East Asia and the world. May they not accept the current divisive state, but live as global citizens with generous hearts and great aspirations. May the young student refugees residing in South Korea also become future leaders committed to peaceful reunification.
We pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.