2019: AI - Polizeigewalt

Quelle:  AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL Deutschland e. V.
Pressestelle . Zinnowitzer Str. 8 . 10115 Berlin

Hong Kong:
Arbitrary arrests, brutal beatings and torture in police detention revealed

BERLIN, 19.09.2019 - From 5 to 12 September, Amnesty International delegates carried out 38 interviews, including with 21 people arrested in the context of protests, as well as with lawyers representing arrested persons; medical professionals who had treated arrested persons; and other first-responders working the front lines of the protests. Amnesty International reviewed photographic and video evidence of many specific events described during interviews, in addition to video, including livestream, of other protests and police actions in response to them. Delegates also observed firsthand an often indiscriminate and reckless police response to protesters, onlookers and members of the media during incidents in Mong Kok on the night of 7 September and in Causeway Bay on the night of 8 September.....

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