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The Korean Committee to save the victims of 'Lawmaker Lee Seok-ki Insurrection Conspiracy Case’

Newsletter Februar 2017

  • “Open the prison door! — Release prisoners of conscience”
  • An action for damage against the state was brought
    by former members of the Unified Progressive Party(UPP) that was forcibly dissolved.
  • A million candle lights lit again !  (March 4, 2017)
  • [Interview] “The dissolution of the Unified Progressive Party(UPP) was a decision that really changed the world.” Kim Geun-rae, a former Vice Chairman of the Gyeong-gi Provincial Party,
    who was released after three years’ imprisonment. 
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Newsletter Januar 2017

  • Cry in the Square: “It’s the fourth winter after I became the wife of a person who committed severe crime, rebellion. “
  • 2016 Human Rights Concert held in the place where the candlelights shout for ‘Step Down, Park’. ‘The night with poems and songs for prisoners of conscience’
  • Eight people stood at the start of the event. They are the victims on human rights.
  • ’Abolition of Park Geun-hye’s Regime’ Is the Answer, Candlelight that Slit the King’s Throat  Excerpts from “We Are Writing World History” by Prof. Kim, Min-woong, prominent writer of indepth series covering national and international issues at Pressian, who is a professor of the Global Academy for Future Civilizations at Kyung Hee University.

Newsletter Dezember 2016

  • Vladimir Tikhonov (Pak Noja) vladimir.tikhonov@ikos.uio.no
  • [In and out of South Korea] : ’Park’s Worst Crime’
  • It is an article which was delivered in Hankyoreh, Nov, 29, 2016.
  • http://www.hani.co.kr/arti/opinion/column/772521.html

Newsletter Extra (2016)

  • Special Visiting in Germany
  • The Korean Committee to Save Lee participated in the international peace conference International Peace Bureau 2016 : Disarm! For a Climate of Peace
  • The Korean Committee to Save Lee had a meeting with the members of The Committee on Human Rights and Humanitarian Aid in Parliament Germany (Bundestag)
  • Scandal hit South Korean president Park Geun-hye urged to quit Tens of Thousands of people have rallied in Seoul, demanding the resignation of South Korean President Park Geun-hye.

Newsletter Nr. 6 - November 2016

Newsletter Nr. 5 - 27.07.2016

The Court of appeals in Korea additionally charged 3 persons with suspicious on getting involved in 'Lawmaker Lee Seok-ki Insurrection Conspiracy Case’ and sentenced maximum 3 years’ imprisonment on violation of the National Security Law.

Statement - presidential pardons on August 15 (Nat. Liberation Day)

The Reconciliation and Unification Committee of the National Council of Churches in Korea (NCCK) is spending this month working on completing a campaign for a Peace Treaty on the
Korean Peninsula from July, 18 to 30 in the U.S.

A Letter from the prison  -  Hong Sun Seok

Newsletter Nr. 4 - 21.06.2016

Suppression on human rights still continues as using the National Security Law.

The commemorative event of June 15 in Gae-sung, the commemorative event of August 15 in Seoul.

New meeting, new hope
Patti Talbot, Team Leader, Church in Partnership Asia Partnerships Church in Mission Unit in the United Church of Canada.

Start to communicate with a small thing

Newsletter Nr. 3 - 16.05.2016

International Human Rights Reports point out Rep. Lee’s conviction
Amnesty International,  U.S.Department opf State

International Press

Newsletter Nr. 2 - 07042016

Knocked on the UN’s door

Freedom to the arrested

The meeting with the UN Special Rapporteur

Amnesty International Report 2015/16