16. Juli 2012

Montag, 16. Juli

Wir haben zur Zeit um die 30° Celsius hierzulande - gleichzeitig Überschwemmungen in Kyushu

Kyodo News berichten heute:

Antinuclear rally in Tokyo draws 170,000 people

TOKYO, July 16, Kyodo News

An anti-nuclear power rally called up by novelist Kenzaburo Oe, musican Ryuichi Sakamoto and others drew around 170,000 people at Tokyo's Yoyogi Park Monday, organizers said.

One of the largest parks in central Tokyo was packed with people under the scorching sun for what organizers dubbed "100,000 People's Assembly to say Good bye to Nuclear Power Plants."

Sakamoto said, "We shouldn't put the lives of children who are the future of our country, a beautiful Japan, in potential danger just for such a thing as electricity."