2016: Misinformation on North Korea's Rocket Launch

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Asia-Pacific Journal, Volume 14 | Issue 8 | Number 1, April 15, 2016

Japanese Government Misinformation On North Korea’s Rocket Launch

Taoka Shunji

The Illusion of Japan's "Missile Destruction Order"

The Japanese government has described the North Korean rocket launched on February 7 as "a long range ballistic missile disguised as a satellite launching vehicle." Even after it was confirmed that a satellite was in orbit it has kept that rhetoric. As the Japanese public, as well as journalists, generally lack knowledge of missiles, they are easily manipulated by government misinformation.

One example of recent Japanese psychological war was the deployment of the Patriot PAC3 (anti-missile missiles) to Miyako and Ishigaki islands, southwest of Okinawa. In response to North Korea's prior announcement of the satellite launch, the Japanese government issued a "ballistic missile destruction order" to the Self Defense Forces. Three Aegis destroyers were deployed in the Sea of Japan and the East China Sea. Also land-based Patriot PAC-3 batteries ....

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