2018: Peace Women Partners Vision

Inter-Island Solidarity  -  Okinawa - Gangjeong/Chejudo - Philippines - Taiwan - Guam

Sung-Hee Choi  - 9. Mai 2018
May 9. A small but warm and meaningful gathering.
The title of the talk was "Philippines and Jeju Women Talk about Militarization"
We thank Merci Llarinas Angeles, Corazon Valdez Fabros, and Prescilla Tulipat for a solidarity visit. Here I want to share Merci's beautiful poem which was recited by Merci, Cora, and Prescilla in the event today.

When women from the margins meet 
No words are needed
For we are united by experiences 
of violence in our homelands

And our VISION:
Never again should there be a war 
that orphans children of any nation
Never again should a mother 
see her child die in her arms 
Never again should a woman’s mind and body
be colonized by patriarchy

We are women from different tribes, races and cultures
With a Mission to build a peaceful world
free from all forms of violence against women

- enabling women to tell our stories
- creating a culture of peace 
- providing resources for women’s body mind emotions and spirit
- strengthening women’s organizations
- creating partnerships with all who work for peace.

Our message rings clear
See the images
Hear our voices

We will not be silenced
We will not accept their wars
We shall pray speak sing dance
write fight for peace

until all flames of war 
are extinguished.
Peace and harmony shall reign
over all our lands.

Merci Llarinas-Angeles.  Peace Women Partners Philippines

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For more photos, see http://cafe.daum.net/peacekj/496a/1804
Here the photos are by Kim Sun (photo 1), Kang Hanbangwool (Photo 1 and video) and Sung-hee (photo 4)