2018: The Rise of an American Warlord

Security in East Asia  -  China - USA - Japan - Korea
The next US ambassador to South Korea, with close ties to the far-right in Japan and "one of the central players in the military driving the push for massive military confrontation with China"

Harry Harris, the rise of an American warlord
By Emanuel Pastreich

"Admiral Harry Harris, commander of the US Pacific Command in Hawaii, was slated to startwork as ambassador to Australia this month. Suddenly, out of the blue, the Trump White House announced on April 24 that Harris would be assigned to South Korea.

The assignment was unprecedented at multiple levels. Assigning a military officer as ambassador to Korea when Seoul is trying to develop peaceful ties with North Korea, and the rest of East Asia, is extraordinary. Assigning a military officer who has close ties with the far-right in Japan is also extraordinary granted the sensitivity about Japan's colonial domination of Korea.

The fact that Harris was born in Japan to a Japanese mother is not a reason to oppose his appointment. Yet his being awarded the “Order of the Rising Sun” at exactly the same moment he was assigned at ambassador to Korea was extremely odd.

And then there is that matter of his role at the Guantanamo Prison camp at the time that torture and abuse were carried out within a carefully constructed legal limbo. In normal times, Harris' role in that blatantly illegal operation would be enough to end a career, at the very least.

But these are not normal times. ...."

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