2019: South Korea & US release “joint fact sheet”

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Source:  Hankyoreh. 04.11.2019, mit freundlicher Erlaubnis

S. Korea, US, release “joint fact sheet” on New Southern Policy and Indo-Pacific Strategy
Seoul opts to compromise its own Asian initiative and Washington’s China containment

On Nov. 2, the South Korean and American governments disclosed a “joint fact sheet” that summarizes efforts in several areas aimed at improving cooperation between South Korea’s New Southern Policy and the US’ Indo-Pacific Strategy. A joint explanatory document released by South Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the US’ State Department arranges various types of cooperation into the three overarching categories of prosperity (including energy, infrastructure, development loans, and the digital economy), people (good governance and civic society), and peace (cooperation on water management in the Mekong region and responding to climate change for island nations in the Pacific Ocean). However, the explanatory document doesn’t contain any information about security cooperation in the traditional sense, including military affairs. ...

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