2011: Statement For Peace

January 21, 2011
May Jeju become a peaceful island, where the peace of God abides!

At a seminar on peace and practical theology organized by <Jeju Love Mission> in 17~21 January 2011, protestant ministers in Jeju reaffirm their wish for making Jeju a real island of peace and pray as follows:

1. We are called by God to become peacemakers in a world of conflicts and separation but have failed to respond to His calling faithfully; to pray more actively; to act with more courage and wisdom. Therefore we repent our deeds.

2. We believe that peace is the most precious, practical value of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and exceeds any interests and causes of economy, military, politics and diplomacy. Jeju has been declared as <an island of peace> by the grace and providence of God so that the island can fulfill its true identity. We believe that the demilitarization of Jeju is the will of God and peace can be achieved only by peaceful means.

3. We believe that the construction of navy base in Jeju is both a sinful act of resisting the value, grace and will of God and a criminal act of destroying <Biosphere Reserve(2002)>, <World Natural Heritage(2007)>, <World Geopark(2010)> designated by UNESCO and the island's attempt to be included in <New Seven Wonders of the World.> Therefore we urge that the navy base plan shall be retracted immediately and the President of Korea, as a decision-maker, shall also withdraw the plan.

4. Instead of building a navy base in Jeju, the government who declared Jeju as <an island of peace> and the provincial office of Jeju who is required to realize its mission, shall make every effort to attract any international peace organization by collaborating with peace activists and groups. Besides further efforts are required to make Jeju island a place of peace education and training.

5. We deeply repent that we failed to share the pain of people in Gangjung village and Gangjung church who took all the suffering due to the navy base plan. And we are committed to pray for their healing and restoration.

Date: 21 January 2011

Written and Declared by:
Protestant Ministers Participated in the Seminar on Peace and Practical Theology

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