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Jeju Aerospace Museum in the Seogwipo City, by 2013?

Sunday, March 28, 2010


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Design of the Jeju Aerospace museum by Daerim Inc. Consortium

The Seogwipo Daily Newspaper

reported on March 23 that the Daerim inc. consortium was selected as the company to build the "Aerospace museum" in Seokwang-ri, Anduk-myeon. City of Seogwipo, Jeju Island.

*The Jeju Free International City Development Center announced on March 22, that the Daerim Inc. Consortium was finally selected before the Samsung C & T inc. consortium, as a result of the bid for the laying out & carrying out the construction of the aerospace museum.

The Daerim inc. consortium is composed of Daerim Industry (42%), Hanwha Construction (20%), Hwasung Industry(18%) and other two companies(each 10%)

* Wait. Daerim Inc. is one of the companies, with Samsung, who have involved in the Yongsan tragedy, and is to take charge of the 1st construction part of bay & harbor for the planned Jeju naval base.

Hanwha is infamous for the production & export of the cluster bombs. (For more. click HERE)


The Korea Times

has reported on May 5, 2009 as below:

"Tourist haven Jeju Island, famous for flowers, rocks and wind, could become a technology hub when an aerospace museum is completed by 2013.

The Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs started construction at Shinhwa Park, Seogwipo, Tuesday with a planned investment of some 130 billion won ($100 million) in the project.

The ministry, the Air Force and the Jeju Special Self-Governing Province have teamed up to bring the museum to fruition.

The 330,000-square-meter complex is to be composed of an ``experience center'' where people can try programs related to the space industry and view ``exhibitions'' showing basic information about air and space, which are still considered largely irrelevant to many people here.

Pilot training, simulators, entertainment facilities, training centers and a three-dimensional cinema and planetarium are to be built to attract the younger generation. A history museum focusing on Korean space studies and the Air Force will appeal to other age groups, the ministry said.

The museum surroundings will feature five theme parks where people can sit in aircraft exhibits.

Simulated Air Force combat, operational training and a military transport for soldiers are also to be exhibited."

How the story is relevant to the Jeju naval base plan that the ROK government has bluffed out to finish by 2014(?). It is surely one of the attention points.

* Jeju Island is undergoing six major projects to become a âGlobal cityâ: Health Care Town, English Education City, Jeju Science Park, Resort-type Residential Complex, Myths and History Theme Park, and Seogwipo Tourism Port. With the exception of Health Care Town and English Education City, the four projects have already been initiated.

(Architecture Now, May 18, 2009)

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