2015. Auch ein Friedhof ist kein Tabu

Gangjeong auf Chejudo

A memorial stone for 12 ancestors threatened by the navy base construction

[May 8]
Just next to the base construction main gate, there is a small memorial park with a memorial stone to commemorate 12 ancestors born in the year of Kyungja (1900).
Their descendants have memorized them every May 8th, the annual Parents Day in Korea.

The navy has threatened the descendants to relocate the site so that the base fence could be straightly unfolded. However, majority of the descendants opposing to the base project have kept the site, despite the navy’s warning of forceful execution many times.

Mr. Kang Sung-Won explains that relocation is impossible as there are 6 trees that their ancestors have planted at the very site. Further, the site was designated by 12 ancestors themselves with directions having meanings. Their descendants have planted a very precious kind of trees that would die with relocation, also.

We will not know whether this site could be still kept next year. The navy may violently take off the land as well from the descendants . Still people would remember the story of the descendants who desperately keep the spirit of their ancestors- so the cultural memory of their village, Gangjeong.

(berichtet von Sung-Hee Choi in Kangjeong, Cheju-do, Südkorea. 14.05.2015)


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