2011: Japan: Solidarity for Jeju

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Solidarity from Japan for the Jeju
253 individuals and 16 groups/organizations

Gratefuly done and sent by Koji Sugihara and M.S., Japan (advisory board members of the Global Network against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, space4peace.org) on Jan. 1, 2010

Auf der Unterschriftenliste stehen stehen 253 Einzelpersonen und 16 Organisationen  -  hier nicht abgedruckt.

Unter dern Unterzeichnern sind einige uns bekannte Personen und die Kommission des NCCJ "für Frieden und gegen Atomwaffen" (doam.org)

Urgent solidarity statement from Japan against the planned naval base
on Jeju Island

"We oppose the construction plan of a navel base on Jeju Island, Republic of Korea.

The government of ROK is about to force through the startup of the construction of a naval base on Jeju Island despite the opposition by local people. We, those who seek peace in northeastern Asia, demand the cancellation of the startup of the construction work and the thorough withdrawal of the naval base plan.

Constructing the planned naval base would surely deal an irretrievable blow to the coral reel in the sea around the island, which is registered among the World Natural Heritages by the UNESCO, as well as destroy the life of locals and their fishery.

It is inevitable that the planned new military base would become a hub for deploying âMissile Defenseâ-system-equipped Aegis destroyers and for port calls by such watships, being used not only by South Korea but also by the US and possibly by Japan. Such a naval base plan is for strengthening the military encirclement against China. So if constructed, that would obviously amplify tension in this area, through which process Jeju Island could become a target of military attack, with local peopleâs life put in danger rather than under protection.

Currently in Northeast Asia, military tension is rising high. The countries concerned are on the path to military intimidation against each other and military buildup, instead of cancelling military drills on their parts and easing tensions, which should be rightfully dealt with by those countries. This situation is feeding military industrial complex with their desirable markets there.
We should end this residue of the Cold War remaining in North East Asia and set in place sustainable peace. For that purpose, it is the installation of military-exercises free zones, signing of peace treaties, and regional disarmament measures that is needed. Additionally, it is necessary to reduce and then remove all the military bases of foreign forces in this region.

There is noo need of military bases on Jeju Island, South Korea, nor in Henoko, Okinawa. No need of a new military base in North East Asia. We must change the sea of distrust into that of trust, the sea of confrontation into that of peace.

We send our hearty cheers in solidarity to residents on Jeju Island who are opposed to the planned base construction, and demand that the administration of Republic of Korea fully withdraw its construction plan of a naval base on Jeju Island.

Dec.28th, 2010

On behalf of the co-sighners,
Koji Sugihara
No! to nuclear and missile campaign

Co-signers of the above statement against
the planned military base construction on Jeju Island"

2011-01-04 / 2011 February

Solidarity with people of Jeju Island, South Korea

A call from SPARK
Pax Christi Internationalâs member organization in South Korea

Seoul moves to destroy Jeju Island - coral habitat to make way for an Aegis destroyer base aimed at China.

Jeju Island, a World Heritage Site, is a jewel of biodiversity whose southern coast is home to a soft coral habitat. In 2001, the Korean Cultural Heritage Administration designated it a national monument protection area. Its Gangjeong coast is also a seasonal habitat for hundreds of dolphins that live there from June until September. They migrate from Alaska through the North Pacific Ocean to Jeju Island, the only dolphin habitat in South Korea.

And now the Seoul Government is about to destroy the dolphin habitat and the traditional farming and fishing village of Gangjeong to transform an island known for biodiversity, international peace, honeymoons, and school trips into a focal point of rising militarism and an arms race in East Asia. Seoul's target: China, ironically the home of many of the tourists who visit Jeju.

On Christmas Day, there was a peace mass, called, âthe Christmas mass to save life and peace of the Jeju Island.â It was led by Bishop Kang Woo-Il, Chairman of the Catholic Bishopsâ Conference of Korea and the Bishop of the Catholic Jeju diocese, along with many priests and women religious on Jeju Island. The event was hosted by the Special Committee for the Island of Peace, Catholic Jeju Diocese. About 400~500 followers and Gangjeong villagers gathered and declared their commitment to save Jeju, Island of Peace, from the naval base construction. Bishop Kang Woo-Il, who led the mass, said âMilitary bases cannot save peace and lifeâ and that he âwould be together with the lonely and oppressed Gangjeong villagers.â

The latest report says that the navy is making moves against the people who have been trying to block the construction machinery from beginning work.

Action proposed:

Please contact the Embassy of South Korea in your country and ask them to stop the construction of the Navy base for U.S. warships on Jeju Island.
Organize a prayer vigil.
Write a letter of solidarity to Bishop Peter Kan-U-Il, president of the Bishops Conference of South Korea. e-mail:


Solidarity for Peace and Reunification of Korea (SPARK) is a member organisation of Pax Christi International

Brussels, February 2011

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