2012: Dringender Aufruf aus Cheju

Dringender Aufruf aus Chejudo

The Jeju Island peace pilgrim called the
Grand March for the Peace of Gangjeong
is from July 30 (Monday) to Aug. 4 (Saturday), 2012

Especially since June, people here have focused on public campaign against the Jeju naval base project throughout the Jeju Island while people in the nationwide have held nationwide events against the project, such as the bicycle pilgrim (June 30 to July 28), relay candle vigil (June 28 to July 27) and SKY ACT (July 9 to14. It is on the solidarity among the Ssangyong workers, K(G)angjeong villagers, and Yongsan tragedy victims)

The Jeju Island peace pilgrim will be a kind of convergent event of those all. It is very important chance for us facing more heating struggles within this year, including the International solidarity action week, Sept. 2 to 9 (upon the 2012 WCC Jeju).

Since it is a reality that many of internationals cannot join the march, 

we would like to request internationals to
please send us short solidarity messages (about 100 words)
no later than July 25 upon the Island peace pilgrim

Your messages will quite encourage people including the Gangjeong villagers who have fought against the Jeju naval base project since 2007. It will also encourage three conscientious prisoners of Dr. Song Kang-Ho, Mr. Kim Bok Chul and Mr. Kim Dong Won who are now imprisoned for their resistance against the naval base project.

You can send solidarity messages to the village international team:

For more on the event, please refer to the link:

Thanks, all.
Gangjeong village international team


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