2012: Zum Jahreswechsel - aus Chejudo


Zum Jahreswechsel erreichte uns ein Gruß aus Gangjeong, Chejudo:

"... We will also remember many international friends who have visited us and gratefully showed their kind support for and concern with the struggle.
The 2013 may be a more difficult year for all of us. Still our vision and efforts to realize the Life and Peace village and Island will never end. Here is the Gangjeong village."

Bitte, lesen Sie den vollständigen Bericht hier.

Die Gemeinde Gangjeong feierte des neue Jahr mit einem "Prayer for Peace: Human Being is the Sky" und sandte ihre Hoffnung für das neue Jahr:
'Ending the year of 2012, we pray for a New Year when our hope for the revocation of the Jeju naval base is realized and villagers who have been divided for years by the naval base issue can join together well as in the past. Even though it may be difficult, we continue to dream for a new world where all the human beings, as well as all the creatures, is respected like the sky. Let’s realize peace, life and love..'


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