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Visit and Attentive Active Listening Support Project Proposal

Proposal date: July 1st, 2013
Proposal by: Touhoku HELP
Project term:  from July 1st 2013 to June 30th 2014
Responsible party:  NPO corporate body Touhoku HELP
Project supervisor: Naoya Kawakami (General Secretary of Touhoku HELP)
Person in charge for the project: Chihiro Saigusa (Director of Touhoku HELP)
Contents of project: Visit, encourage and connect evacuees and evacuee local leaders with supporters in other area.  
Project budget:  10,140,000 yen 

Project Summary

Name of The Project:

Visit and Attentive Active Listening Support Project

Project Term:

from July 2013 to June 2014

Project Location:

All Fukushima prefecture and Minami-Sanriku, Ishinomaki, Sendai and Natori cities in Miyagi. 

Support Group:

NPO corporate body Touhoku HELP

Purpose of the Project

In cooperation with call centers, we visit evacuees with supporters in various areas in order to prevent evacuees’ isolation. 

Project Location and Project Contents

The location will be all areas where evacuees live.  The locations are in places where the call center at Matsudo city in Chiba prefecture has supported and in areas where evacuees live  e.g. Fukushima, Minami-Sanriku, Ishinomaki, Sendai, and Natori city in Miyagi . These are areas where Touhoku HELP has supported in projects.  We will visit evacuees who live in various areas, encourage them, and connect them with supporters in other locations. 

Details of the Project

Activities: Ms. Momoko Fukuoka is originally from Fukushima and now lives in Chiba prefecture.  Since after the earthquake, she has communicated with leaders among the evacuees who live in the temporary housing units and families who live in rental housing provided by government to inquire their needs.  She has also coordinated supporters from all over Japan and became a hub for relief activities.  Currently, her house has become an evacuee support call center for all of the Fukushima area. She has been basically doing this work all on her own, and now that it has been 2 years since the earthquake, she has had difficluties continuing her work due to her physical strength.  We connect to her work by receiving information from the evacuees’ leaders  information to send to clinical pasotral ministers (chaplains) for attentive Active Listening and thus make it an evacuee leader support. 

In parallel with above, we continue to visit evacuees in Minami-Sanriku, Ishinomaki, Sendai, and Natori city.  This project was established as “Grand House Project” (for details, see attached “Grand House Project”) which we continued until June 2013 as a relief project for Tohoku earthquake.  By doing so, we access to both evacuees and evacuees’ local leaders and support their heart by attentive Active Listening and by providing relief items. 

The purpose of this project is to prevent evacuees’ isolation and sustain evacuees’ hope in this situation which is hard to foresee by the clinical pastoral ministers (chaplains) who are visiting and attentively Active Listening to them. 

We connect to her work by receiving evacuee leaders’ information to send clinical pastoral ministers (chaplains) for attentive Active Listening and thus make it an evacuee leader support. 

Indicator: 50 visits on an average / months. 

Project Budget

* When our budget becomes short, we will cut our expenses starting from number 1 to Novemebr 6.

 Car expense (Rental car): 120,000 Yen 1,440,000 yen / year
 *We use a hybrid car to greatly reduce gas expense
Gas expense: 200,000 Yen / month, 2,400,000 yen / year
*By use of a hybrid car, we reduce gas expense to this amount
Transportation fee1(Highway tolls expense): 150,000 yen / month, 1,800,000 Yen / year
Transportation fee2 (Bus and train expense): 50,000 yen / month, 600,000 yen / year
Support expense: 200,000 Yen / month, 2,400,000 yen / year
*As souvenir expense on visit or emergency support expense

Office expense:  100,000 yen / month,   1,200,000 yen / year
*For communication, printing, and conference expenses
Personnel expense: 25,000 yen / month, 300,000 yen / year
*For one clinical pastoral minister’s (chaplain’s) remuneration.

Assessment and Report

At least twice a month, we hold a conference where clinical pastoral ministers (chaplains) will report their activity, and each time we will send a report to donors. 
Once every 6 months, we will make an activity report and publish it.  


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