Prozess gegen ABE's Besuch im Yasukuni-Schrein

Eine Bitte aus Japan

TO ALL who are concerned about the Abe administration's nationalistic policy
Let's together join in a lawsuit against the Abe Shinzo's officially visiting the Yasukuni War Shrine in violation of the Constitution.

The Group Supporting Lawsuit Claiming against Offi cial Visits by Prime Minister Abe; Tokyo

On 26th in December 2013, the Prime Minister ABE Shinzo visited the Yasukuni Shrine as a Japanese Prime Minister and prayed to the war gods who had been the war dead and honored collectively.
The Prime Minister Abe rode on his official car with the formal suite and signed on the visiting book as "The Japanese Prime Minister ABE Shinzo" when he arrived at the Yasukuni Shrine. After that, he walked into the heart of the shrine and prayed to the war gods. This act is clearly identified as officially visiting and breached the rule of secular politics which is stipulated in Article 20 of the Japanese Constitution. We need to raise our voices to criticize against his visiting by way of our specific actions:  the lawsuit against Abe's visiting the Yasukuni Shrine.   Lesen Sie bitte hier weiter




Am 11. März 6:46 Uhr jährt sich Erdbeben & Tsunami in Fukushima. Weltweites Gedenken.
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>Prozess gegen die Her-steller des AKW Fukushima<
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