"Trostfrauen", Wiedergutmachung und Menschenrechte            

2013: "Trostfrauen": Campaign

Trostfrauen - 100 Million Signature Campaign

DEMONSTRATION in BERLIN am 14.08.2013, Pariser Platz am Brandenburger Tor


Der Aufruf zur Unterschriften-Kampagne der sog. Trostfrauen kann als pdf-datei hier heruntergeladen werden.

Hier dann auch eine vorbereitete Liste mit der Anschrift, an die die Liste mit den gesammelten Unterschriften geschickt werden soll. 

Der "Korean Council" in Südkorea verweist die Leser auf seine Webpage:

100 Million Signatures Campaign
for the Resolution of Japanese Military Sexual Slavery 

The World Demands the Japanese Government:
Issue a State Apology and Provide Legal Reparations to the Victims!

During the Asia-Pacific War which took place from the early 1930s to 1945, Japan forcefully mobilized girls and young women for sex slavery in battlefields and areas where soldiers were stationed, thus violating their human rights. After the war, survivors were either slaughtered or abandoned far from their native countries, unable to return. Japan concealed and distorted its own war crimes and did not provide reparations for the few survivors who were able to return to their home countries. The survivors were forced to silently endure their sufferings for more than 50 years.

Shortly after the Korean feminist movement for the Resolution of the Japanese Military Sexual Slavery (“Comfort Women”) issue started in Korea in the early 1990s, the victims began to speak out and report Japan’s crimes to the world. They also have demanded that the Japanese government admit its guilt and take immediate action such as issuing an official state apology and providing legal reparations for survivors. The movement has expanded across Asia and throughout the international community. International human rights organizations such as the UN and the ILO joined the chorus of global voices in calling Japanese Military Sexual Slavery both a war crime and crime against humanity. They have recommended that an official apology and legal reparations, in addition to other measures, be enacted by the Japanese Government. 

However, the Japanese government has ignored these demands by the victims and international community and continues to avoid legal responsibility on war crimes it directed and implemented. Instead, the Japanese government attempted to cover up these crimes by raising private funds as “atonement money” instead of providing official government funds. Furthermore, rather than confronting their national past, the government has denied the forceful mobilization of “comfort women,” and continues to distort the nature of its crimes. In addition, the government insults the victims, violates their rights, and abuses human rights activists who are working in Japan to support the victims. As a member of the UNHRC, these actions are completely inappropriate and Japan must end its continuous human rights violations.

Together with international community and human rights organizations, we announce that the resolution of the Japanese Military Sexual Slavery issue is a task that all humanity should join and work together to resolve. We will make continual, cooperative efforts with the global community in order to at long last restore the victims’ human rights with an official apology and reparations. These acknowledgements will provide immediate precedence in order to prevent and end violence such as sex slavery and systemic rape against women in armed conflicts. To do this, we promote the 100 Million Signatures Campaign for the Resolution of Japanese Military Sexual Slavery Issue.

We demand the following:

■ The Japanese government should admit state responsibility for Japanese Military Sexual Slavery, make an official apology, and provide legal reparations to the victims!
■ Victim countries’ governments, including Korea, should enact proactive diplomatic measures regarding Japan and international community.
■ International organizations, including the UN and ILO, should urge the Japanese government to follow recommendations by international organizations and resolve this issue immediately!


The Korean Council for the Women Drafted for Military Sexual Slavery by Japan
39-13 Seongsan-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, 121-843, Republic of Korea
Phone : 82 2 365-4016. Fax: 82 2 365-4017. email: war_women@naver.com
100 Million Signatures Movement for the Resolution of the Japanese Military Sexual Slavery Issue



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