Das Eco-Community Movement Center

PROK = The Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea



Das “Eco-Community Movement Center” der PROK


Im August 2013 gingen Mitarbeiter des Zentrums auf Sudienreise durch die Bundesrepublik. Am 27. August besuchten sie die EMS, informierten über ihre Arbeit udn Organisation innerhalb der Kirche und ließen sich über z.B. den "Grünen Gockel", Umwelt-Aktionen der Landeskirchen berichten. (Siehe die Presseinfo der EMS)

Eco-House, 55 Kyunggi-daero, Chungjung-ro 2, Seodaemun-Gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel: +82-2-313-6781, Fax:+ 82-2-313-6781, Homepage der PROK: www.prok.org

Der Flyer in Englisch

Das Ökologie-Zentrum (ECMC) - eine Powerpoint (pdf-Format)


Kurze Information aus dem Flyer des Eco-Zentrums

Das “Eco-Community Movement Center of the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea (PROK)

Acknowledging the reality that the ecological crisis of the earth is worsening at an accelerating pace and confessing that the mission challenge of the church is to respect the integrity of creation and recover God's created order, the 93rd General Assembly of the PROK, held in September 2008, agreed to establish the PROK Eco-Community Movement Centre (ECMC) as a permanent organization. The purpose of the ECMC is to raise the ecological awareness of church leaders and church members at the grassroots level and to build an eco-community where human communities and nature live in harmony. The Centre, opened in September 2008, is developing programs and projects through which grassroots members of the PROK can be active players in the eco-justice movement in church and society.

Major Activities

Project for increasing Membership
• the Members' day
• Ecological Sunday (first sunday of June)
• Installation of regional center
• Local church's Ecological Committee Composition

Education project
• Ecological Academy
• Ecological Training Camp, bull pace Youth summer camps, Ecological exploratory / Eco-Tour
• Pastoral ecology seminars
• Church of Ecological education for sunday school teachers
• Hanshin University, seminar on ecological opened request for cooperation

Practice project
• lssues Response Activities
• Ecological Ten Commandments
• Urban and rural direct support activities

PR Press project
• Education Materials Production
• Activity guide production
• Monthly email newsletter
• International lssues monitoring

Solidarity project
• Domestic ecological NGO movement, (Social, religious and Christian) with the Solidarity activities
• the network of World Church (WCC, CCA, etc.)




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Studienreise des Ökologie-Instituts nach Deutschland. 
27. Sept. 2013