2013: Peace Community Movement Center

The Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea (PROK)


The Peace Community Movement Center (PCMC)


The PROK Peace Community Movement Center (PCMC) is a network
organized by people who want to realize Christ’s peace for themselves,
for their churches,
for society
and the world.

All those who want to build peace, reaching beyond local communities and churches, can do so  —  children, youth, adults, and all can participate. Acknowledging and understanding our differences, each forgiving first and seeking reconciliation, nurturing workers for peace and sending them into the world, breaking down the wall between South and North, nurturing the young sprout of peace, for all this we pray and act. 


The Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea (PROK) has been urging the signatory governments to repeal the 1953 Armistice Agreement and replace it with a Peace Treaty that will ensure peace and security in the Peninsula. The Peace Treaty should substantiate the June 15, 2000 and the October 4, 2007 North-South Joint Declarations signed by the leaders of the two Koreas. The replacement of the Armistice Agreement with a Peace Treaty will de-escalate the threats of imminent conflict between North and South Korea and would ensure peace and security not only in Northeast Asia but the whole world.




Organization: membership invitation and expansion, relaying messages of peace through cell phones, -reception of members in December

Learning about peace: presentation about peace through seminars; initiating prayer gathering for regional peace and unification in the local churches; peace exposure programs (learning opportunities for teenagers)

Publication and Publicity: publish peace presentation documents, prepare and circulate church’s statements on peace, and other issues; develop vision and road map of the Peace Movement Center; publish a peace newsletter.

Sharing with our sisters and brothers in the North: campaign for pledging of 1% of personal income

Developing a peace network in solidarity with civil society groups, World Council of Churches, Christian Conference of Asia

Organizing and coordinating events: Peace Prayer Rallies, pilgrimages, coordination and participation in national and international peace conferences and consultations; initiate prayer gatherings for peace and reunification with North Korean Christians whenever possible.


The biblical and theological understanding of peace has been propagated by the church in various and meaningful ways. The PCMC is conducting peace education to promote peace sensitivities and to develop leadership for the peace movement.

‘Slow-paced Life and Peace Camp’. The PCMC regularly conducts peace education for teens, ‘Slow-paced Life and Peace Camp’. This educational program provides the young people a platform to be trained as peacemakers. The week long Summer Youth Camp encourages teenagers to desist from using their electronic gadgets such as cell phones, MP3 player and limit the use of internet. Opportunities are provided for communing with the natural environment.

Peace Internship. In 2009 and 2010, two peace interns were sent to peace NGOs in Asia. The intern to Burma Issue in Thailand has deepened his perspective on peace in conjunction with democracy and human rights in Burma. The other intern to the Philippines learned about the role of religions in conflict transformation. In 2012 Mr. Park SunKyu, a young seminary graduate was sent to Palestine under the auspices of the WCC Ecumenical Accompaniment Program in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI). He learned about the conflict situation and integrated into the life of the people struggling for peace and security. The PCMC hopes that he bring back good reflections on how the PROK churches can be in solidarity with the people in Palestine and Israel.

Peace School in Korean and English languages held in Autumn and Spring time during the year and participated in by not less than twelve (12) young people from the PROK National Youth Association and students from nearby universities. Peacemaking Mission, Conflict Transformation and Non-violent Communication have been the focus of the the Peace School for the last seven years.

Study-exposure program on Empire, its implications to peace and regional security and its impact on vulnerable and marginalized people was held with participants from the PROK, UCCP and the United Church of Canada in South Korea and the Philippines. There was a total of twenty (20) participants, seven (7) from the United Church of Canada, nine (9) from the PROK and four (4) from the UCCP. The program had two phases, the first was held in Korea from June 10-15 and the second was in the Philippines from June 15-21, 2012. Issues on social justice and peace evolved during the study program and actions were made such as sending letters of concerns to governments and churches, and other forms of actions have been agreed upon by the participants.


Flyer der PROK bei der Vollversammlung des ÖRK in Pusan 2013.

Für mehr Info hierzu gehe zum flyer im pdf-Format





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