2014: Statement on the Ferry Sewol Incident

The Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea (PROK)
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Our call for joint prayer for the Korean ferry disaster!

In this Holy Week, The Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea is expressing its deepest sorrow for the unspeakable loss and grief families are suffering.

In the morning of the 16th of April, a Korean ferry carrying 459 passengers sank off the coastline of Jin Island of South Jeolla province in South Korea. So far, as of the 18th of April, 26 have been reported dead and 270 are missing. Among the 459 passengers there were 325 high school students who were on a field trip. The rescue operations are ongoing, however, numerous missing people are still missing, adding to the grief and pain of the families. We in particular pray for the members of our church who are among the victims that they may be among those found as soon as possible.

Right after the report of the disaster, The Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea issued a pastoral letter to comfort both the victims and their families, formed an emergency response team to support the rescue.operations, and called on all congregations and their members to pray that the disaster may be controlled and no further damage done.

Being mindful of the words of Jesus Christ that one life is more precious than the whole world, we pray that all passengers may be found. We call our brothers and sisters in faith to join in our prayers for quick rescue and the comforting healing touch of God our Lord.

18thApril 2014

Rev. Dr. Bae Tae·Jin
General Secretary
The Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea

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