2008: PROK - Synode

The Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea  PROK 

Aus der 93. Synode der PROK, 2008


Assembly Elections am 22. September, 2008
Brief vom 10. Oktober, 2008

Dear Ecumenical Partners and Friends,

Sending warm greetings from The Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea (PROK) in this beautiful autumn season, I take the opportunity to introduce to you the newly-elected General Secretary and other executive officers of the PROK.

On September 22, 2008 the 93rd General Assembly of the PROK elected

BAE Tae-Jin SEO Jae-Il KIM Hyun-Bae LEE Deok-Ki


Rev. Bae Tae-Jin

as General Secretary, to serve a four-year term. Rev. Mr. Bae is a graduate of the Graduate School of Theology, Hanshin University of the PROK (Th.M.); the Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary, USA (M.Div.); and the San Francisco Theological Seminary (D.Min.)

His past experience includes:
-  Senior minister of Kangjin-eup Church, South-Cholla Presbytery of the PROK
-  Senior minister of Kwangju Canaan Church, South-Cholla Presbytery, PROK
-  Senior minister of San Jose Korean Church, in the USA
-  Executive Secretary of the then Church and Society Department, PROK General Assembly Office
-  Member of the Executive Committee of the PROK General Assembly
-  Member of the PROK Peace and Reunification Committee
-  Member of the Environment Committee, and Committee for the Differently Abled, NCCK

The 93rd General Assembly also elected the following as Moderator and Vice-Moderators, to serve for one year:

Moderator: Rev. Seo Jae-Il, senior minister of Yongang Church, Wonju City, Kangwon Presbytery
Ordained Vice-Moderator: Rev. Kim Hyun-Bae, senior minister of Iri Jaeil Church, Iksan Presbytery
Lay Vice-Moderator: Elder Lee Deok-Ki, elder at Kumi Church, North-Kyoungsan Presbytery

I know you will support Rev. Bae Tae-Jin and the other executive officers in their new responsibilities, and perhaps will have a chance to meet some of them in the days ahead.

I'm sure you also remember with gratitude the strong leadership given by our past General Secretary Rev. Yoon Kil-Soo in the ecumenical movement and in the movement for justice and peace. We pray that God guide him in his future ministry and life.

Rev. Shin Seung-Min
Executive Secretary for Ecumenical Relations
The Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea

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