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2013 Appeal Letter to the People: Act Now

Nord- und Südkorea, 2013

Appeal Letter to the People

People should Act Now to Overcome Crisis of Armed Conflict on the Korean peninsula

(11 April 2013, Seoul) In 2013, the 60th anniversary of armistice agreement, military tension is rapidly mounting in the Korean peninsula. It started with the rocket launch by North Korea at the end of last year which intensified conflicts between North and South Korea, and between North Korea and the USA. Military threats and hostilities against each other have risen by the third nuclear test by North Korea in February and also by the Key Resolve joint military exercise of South Korea and the USA in March. The situation has become a tinderbox. The Kaesong industrial Complex, which is a symbol of exchange and cooperation between two Koreas and the last buffer zone to prevent the worst military conflict, is actually closed and hotline between two Koreas was cut.

The biggest victims of the current hostility and military confrontation that has no exit strategy are 70 million people living in the Korean peninsula. North and South Korea, and its neighbouring countries must immediately stop provocative military threats and hostile actions that risk 70 million people’s lives and safety. Incendiary over-reaction such as provocative comments and armed protest must be immediately stopped.
The only solution is to seek ways to open dialogue and compromise while respecting each other and put themselves in each other’s shoes. The reality does not provide a good example that a hostile approach attempting to control the counterpart by force came to a success.
Promoting and maintaining peace invites people to raise their voices and show actions of ‘No’ to the current precarious situation. People, who will be the actual victims of armed conflicts in the Korean peninsula, must protest against all forms of military threats and hostile actions. People must consistently and patiently raise their voices to solve this deep-rooted conflict by dialogue and negotiation.
In this regard, representatives of civil society and religious communities who participated in today’s meeting resolve to establish a “Joint Meeting of People of All Walks for Peace and Cooperation in the Korean Peninsula”. The Joint Meeting is a self-help cooperation body to prevent armed conflicts in the Korean peninsula and to resolve the deep-rooted conflict by cooperation and dialogue. From the point of view of people who are direct victims of the current situation, we will do our best to promote and encourage reasoned expression of views, alternatives and actions of people to ease the military tension in the Korean peninsula, reopen economic cooperation and eventually establish 60th years of armistice as the year of peace.
We appeal to people of all social walks to join our cause and act accordingly.
11 April 2013
Participants of the Joint Meeting of People of All Walks
for Peace and Cooperation in the Korean Peninsula

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Die vollständige Dokumentation (3 Dokumente) finden Sie hier als pdf. 






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