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2015: New from Korea - Tension Reduced

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Full text of inter-Korean agreement: KCNA

2015/08/25 03:27
Yonhap News Agency

SEOUL, Aug. 25 (Yonhap) -- Following is the English-version full text of a deal between South and North Korea in high-level talks, released by the North's state news agency KCNA Tuesday.
1. The north and the south agreed to hold talks between their authorities in Pyongyang or Seoul at an early date to improve the north-south ties and have multi-faceted dialogue and negotiations in the future.
2. The north side expressed regret over the recent mine explosion that occurred in the south side's area of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) along the Military Demarcation Line (MDL), wounding soldiers of the south side.
3. The south side will stop all loudspeaker propaganda broadcasts along the MDL from 12:00, August 25 unless an abnormal case occurs.
4. The north side will lift the semi-war state at that time.
5. The north and the south agreed to arrange reunions of separated families and relatives from the north and the south on the occasion of the Harvest Moon Day this year and continue to hold such reunions in the future, too and to have a Red Cross working contact for it early in September.
6. The north and the south agreed to vitalize NGO exchanges in various fields.


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Rhein-Neckar-Zweitung vom 29. Aug. 2015:

Südkorea startet großes Manöver 
Wenige Tage nach der Entspannung in einem schweren Konflikt zwischen Nord- und Südkorea haben Truppenverbände der USA und Südkoreas das größte je abgehaltene gemeinsame Militärmanöver gestartet. Bei dem Manöver werde eine nordkoreanische „Provokation" simuliert, der eine Eskalation folge, teilte das südkoreanische Verteidigungsministerium mit.

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