Erdbeben im japanischen Pazifismus

Erdbeben im japanischen Pazifismus

Japan's prime minister is attempting to revise constitutional pacifism to allow for strengthening of armed forces.
30 May 2014
Akira Kawasaki, Executive Committee member of Peace Boat.
Celine Nahory, Coordinator of Global Article 9 Campaign to Abolish War.

On May 15, Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe made public his plan to gut the country's peace constitution by allowing its Self-Defence Force (SDF) to use force overseas. The ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) has long sought to amend Article 9, which renounces war and prohibits maintenance of war potential, the economic capability of a nation to wage war, through an overall constitutional revision. However, due to significant public opposition, Abe has changed his strategy and is now trying to revise not the text of the constitution, but its interpretation. Such a move would make the fundamental peace clause a dead letter and signal a sharp departure from Japan's traditionally restrained defence policy.
Abe's plan is to change Article 9's interpretation through a cabinet decision without approval by the Japan's parliament called the National Diet in the coming months....  hier weiterlesen
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Am 11. März 6:46 Uhr jährt sich Erdbeben & Tsunami in Fukushima. Weltweites Gedenken.
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>Prozess gegen die Her-steller des AKW Fukushima<
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