2018: Rethinking Japan’s Constitution

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Quelle: The Asia-Pacific Journal | Japan Focus Volume 16 | Issue 5 | Number 5 | Feb 19, 2018

Rethinking Japan’s Constitution from the Perspective of the Ainu and Ryūkyū Peoples
Uemura Hideaki, Jeff Gayman

Through a historical analysis of Japanese constitutions and key constitutional drafts from the Meiji Era to the present day, this article examines the relationship between the constitution of Japan and the rights of indigenous peoples. In recent decades, the constitutions of a number of countries have introduced clauses recognizing the culture or rights of indigenous people, but this still remains a lacuna in Japanese constitutional debates. After examining the continuing social problems which result from this lack of constitutional recognition, particularly from the perspective of the Ainu and Ryūkyū peoples, the article concludes with a call to oppose current government schemes for constitutional change by putting forward a radical alternative proposal to revise the constitution in a way that would recognize and celebrate Japan’s ethnic, historical and cultural pluralism.

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