2016: The Constitution and the Abe Administration

Die Verfassung Japans.  Artikel 9 der Friedensverfassung
Source: Asia Pacific Journal / Japan Focus, Volume 14 | Issue 16 | Number 8, August 15, 2016
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Hitler's dismantling of the constitution and the current path of Japan's Abe administration: What lessons can we draw from history?

Ikeda Hiroshi
Translation and Introduction by Caroline Norma

Ikeda Hiroshi wrote an important opinion piece for the Tokyo Shimbun newspaper in February 2016. 

Ikeda is a Kyoto University emeritus professor of German literature who has devoted his career to researching fascism. His numerous books include The Weimar Constitution and Hitler. Ikeda published the Tokyo Shimbun article at a tumultuous time in Japanese society: the government had shortly before pushed through state secrets and national security laws, and overridden the constitution to allow overseas military deployment. In response, mass rallies were being staged outside the Diet building.  In this climate, the publication of Ikeda’s article was surprising, and it continues to be an unusual example in the Japanese press of criticism of a reigning government through direct historical comparison with a fascist regime of another country. CN

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Artikel 9

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