2013: NCCJ - Our Posture on the Constitution

Die Verfassung Japans.  Artikel 9 der sog. Friedensverfassung

"Japan is entering a very critical phase in terms of how we interpret and treat the Japan's Constitution and the nuclear issues. The Peace and Nuclear Issue Committee of NCCJ clarifies attitudes to these issues.
Each of us should now consider seriously the problems and take actions so that Japan might choose a right future."  (NCCJ)

Our Posture: The Peace and Nuclear Issues Committee of the National Christian Council in Japan (NCCJ)

22 June, 2013 REVISED

[On Peace Issue]

After the Prime Minister Abe returned to power, he has been declaring in public that he would amend the Constitution. But it is not an amendment for the better but for the worse. The Abe Administration approves the use of the right of collective self-defence (by effecting de facto constitutional changes through reinterpreting the Constitution), intends to revive the Advisory Panel on Reconstruction of the Legal Basis for Security (APRLBS) in view of legislating the Basic National Security Act. And by disregarding the Article 9 of the Constitution, it aims to overturn the people’s sovereignty, pacifism and basic human rights.
Their proposal to revise the Article 96 is aimed to prepare for these things. We stand firmly against
tolerating such a move to threaten peace and human rights.

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Artikel 9

Peaceboat Japan

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