2012: WRI visit to South Korea


War Resisters' International visit to South Korea

"In March 2012, two representatives of War Resisters' International visited Seoul in South Korea for meetings with World Without War, the South Korean organisation of conscientious objectors. While the main purpose of the visit was a 2-day workshop with activists from World Without War on strategies for the right to conscientious objection, the visit was also filled with other activities. ...

The strategy workshop started from the assumption that for the conscientious objection movement there is now a need to explore other options to achieve the recognition of the right to conscientious objection than just legal ones, following last year's decision of the South Korean Constitutional Court (see CO-Update No 68, September 2011). These might range from political lobbying to provocative nonviolent direct action, or non-cooperation with military authorities. ..."

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Ev. Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Kriegsdienstverweigerung und Frieden

      Internationale Arbeit für Kriegsdienstverweigerer und Deserteure

European Bureau for Conscientious Objection, Brüssels
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