2018 Gemeinsames Ostergebet

Gemeinsames Gebet zu Ostern 2018 - Nord- und Südkorea
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Gemeinsames Ostergebet im Jahre 2018
2018 Joint North-South Easter Prayer
The Lord is our God for he brings us salvation.
We bring glory to you, our God.
All living creations will praise your name forever.

 Our Creator,
You created us from earth and breathed into us life,
But today you see our pain-inflicted spirit and body.
It is because we stand weak against the violence of the unjust and the thrashings of the greedy.
They have divided our land and reaped the wealth of our blood.
Oh Lord, why did we not follow the just path of Abel?
Why were we not able to give unto you a clean sacrifice, a sacrifice of holiness and purity made to realize peace and unification?
We should be punished as Cain for we approached God with our sinful acts, and presented God with our petty offerings and useless lives.
To the Lord of Peace, we were useless souls.
The Holy Trinity above,
We bow to you, the sole sovereign.
With your grace, let us shed tears of repentance and help us be free of the burden of our sins.
God our Friend, we beg unto you day and night.
God our Savior,
Teach us how to follow your ways.
Teach us how to live like you who sacrificed himself, so that we can seek peace and life.
Lord, let us, your sons and daughters, see your resurrection.
Raise your children from the dead, those who have worked for peace.
The Christ has risen.
He has defeated death with his own death and given life to those who believe.
Let our people rise too, as Jesus has risen from the dead.
Resurrection for our people is unification.
Let us continue to keep alive the hard-earned peace momentum,
And become one on our own.
We pray in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
That those who yearn for peace and unification will rise to life forever like Jesus Christ.
April 1, 2018
Korean Christian Federation (North)
National Council of Churches in Korea(South)

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