2020: Prayers are Key of Peace

WCC.  2020-06-25

Prayers are key of peace
by Marianne Ejdersten

We believe that the global prayer campaign for the Korean Peninsula will be a key ofpeace to open the gate to cultivate forgiveness and reconciliation, a fountain of peaceto revitalize a global ecumenical solidarity, and a milestone of peace to end the waron the Korean Peninsula after 70 years.

Communication from the World Council of Churches (WCC) demands participation and transparency to build community by working, walking and praying together. Communication is vital for the WCC's credibility. Communication deriving from the Latin ,,communicare literally means “to make common" i.e. to share or impart, and this is the clear mission of the WCC. The WCC's communication work seeks to make common cause, share and work together - for a just world at peace.

We want to pray, work and walk together with our member churches and ecumenical partners. This vision guides the communication activities and the prophetic voice of the WCC. We want to pray for and with others. The power of prayer carries across church boundaries and national borders. Prayer must have a clear place in communication activities.

We want to work with colleagues, member churches and partners worldwide. We are local and global teams - regardless of church boundaries and national borders. Modern technology blurs such limits and creates a whole 一 for work and inspiration. 

We want to walk together and share life, learning and stories with one another. Walking together for a while, listening and learning from others comprises an important part of communication activities. It entails vivid portrayals of church visits, solidarity visits, while providing a glimpse of church life at that location. This is part of the joint learning process: learning from and inspiring one another, while respecting differences. Creating conditions in which the prophetic voice can thrive - communication for everyone, minorities and marginalized, locally and globally.

Communication should reflect the soul and activities of the fellowship. In order to pursue credible communication, activities and communication must go hand in hand and provide adequate support to the core operation.

A leading official at the UN said once to me that the WCC has one of the strongest platforms in the world for bringing about change and bringing hope to the world. This is probably true, as we represent 350 member churches from 120 countries or more than 580 million Christians. That is a huge platform. This list can be made quite long. With its networks and the trust it has gained, the WCC can work via its member churches, local churches and local pastors to make a difference and bring about change. This involves coordination, planning and timing. It involves using all the good forces that exist to promote collaboration. ...

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