2020: 70th Memorial of the Korean War

Koreakrieg 1950 - 1953
June 9, 2020

"No More War, Healing and Reconciliation"

The Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea (PROK) calls "for solidarity and prayers for the pilgrimage for healing and unification commemorating the 70th memorial of the Korean War."

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

This is to share another update on the preparation for the PROK Peace Convocation commemorating the 70th memorial of the Korean War.

The PROK deeply thanks all our partners and friends for the encouraging messages and supporting prayers. It is encouraging being in solidarity with you.

Our efforts to hold the Peace Convocation are gradually coming into shape.

The PROK Peace Convocation will take place at the White Horse Hill Memorial, which remembers the highest number of casualties per unit area during the Korean War. This place truly mourns for healing. A special worship service is being planned that guides the participants through a liturgical pilgrimage composing of four stages (memorial, reconciliation, peace, unification), that culminate into a PROK Peace Declaration, affirming the Korean people's movement toward healing and unification.

We pray that our cry for peace will find open ears and minds, so that we may be strengthened to continue dedicating ourselves toward peace and unification in solidarity with our global partners.

Please accompany us with prayers and letters of support. We shall keep you updated about the process ofpreparation and the memorial event.

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