2020: National Reconciliation Week

KNCC. 15. - 25 Juni 2020

National Reconciliation Week - since 1997

In 1997 the National Council of Churches in Korea designated the week that
includes June 25 (the beginning date of the Korean War) as a “National
Reconciliation Week” and since then observed it to overcome the tragedy of
fratricidal war and pray for national reconciliation and peaceful reunification. Since
the June 15 South-North Joint Declaration in 2000, the NCCK has observed it on
June 15-25 every year.

As we commemorate the 70th anniversary of Korean War and pray for the nation’s
reconciliation, peace and co-existence, we share a sermon, a prayer, a testimony
and a solidarity message that you may use as good worship resources for the
National Reconciliation Week. Please use them for Sunday worship, Wednesday
gatherings and bible study meetings during the National Reconciliation Week.

In a 2019 general assembly meeting, the NCCK in cooperation with World
Council of Churches declared the year 2020 as a Jubilee for Korea in
which Korean people are liberated from the yoke of division. With this
declaration of a Jubilee year, the global Church has decided to pray for an
end-of-war declaration and peace-building in Korea.

Especially the NCCK and WCC have initiated a global prayer campaign –
“A Light of Peace” which continues from March 1 to August 15. For this
prayer campaign the NCCK is publishing 70 prayers and stories both on
the WCC and NCCK web site.